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A Story

Once upon a time there lived a dashing rogue who tried with all his might to live up to the description. On his mind was drinking, fighting and wenching (not in that particular order). Unfortunately he had no place to put his tankard and therefore could only drink for fighting with drinking vessel in hand seems rather romantic but simply is not practical and wenching, let us say, there is a reason the almighty gave us two hands. Much to his sorrow he became solely a drinker while he watched the other rogues fight and wench.One day he ran across a meager leather smith whom, after hearing the drinkers tale of woe, crafted a simple yet effective device that could solve the wanton rogues dilemma. A tankard strap!!! It was a piece of sturdy leather riveted together with care closing snugly with a clasp. The fellow tried it out. He hung his tankard from his strap and was immediately set upon by ruffians and wenches. He drew his sword with no problems nor tankards getting in the way. He drew his dagger with the other hand again with no tankard in the way. He soundly defeated the large group of ruffians. The wenches went wild with desire for him. He held them and dipped them deeply and smooched them and they smooched him back. One after another, sometimes two or three at a time did he smooch and get smooched once again with no tankard in his way.
At the end of the day the young man had fought and wenched and now could sit relaxedly and drink. He loosed his tankard from its strap and he drank and drank and drank until he was so drink-full that he would most certainly have misplaced his tankard if not for his, you guessed it, tankard strap. Finally, this young man was now a dashing rogue.