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Yay for Jenn Jenn's page!
WOW!!! I get a page!!!
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my Penguin!
Isn't he so smart??

Hey WOW!!!! I've got a site!!!  This is some really fun stuff... I think..
Yeah, it is! Well, since this is my site, I will now inform you all about the SQUIRRELS! Yes, the squirrels. It's really quite upsetting.. too many people think that they're cool! But, you know what? THEY"RE WRONG!! WRONG WRONG WRONG!WRONG!!! AUGHH!!um, well.. sorry about that.. It's all about the penguins, you know. Just you wait. Someday soon, they're going to TAKE OVER!! The stupid squirrels will never know what hit em... MWAHAHAHAH!!
well, now that i'm done about that, i'll inform you all about other fun stuff! Like the olives! OILOVEOLIVESOILOVEOLIVESOILOVEOLIVES!! If you can read that, youre very intellegent. The thing is though.. I don't love olives!! *SHH*

He looks sad...

And also, Setting Feathers Aloft is a very complicated task. It takes a trained professional to set Feathers Aloft, so please ask someone who KNOWS before you try this feat at home! If you absolutely just simply cannot stand it any longer, here is the basic instructions to Setting Feathers Aloft...

  1. Get a feather, preferably a long one, and if Shannon has her way, they would be artificial.
  2. Gently place the feather curvy side down on the tip of your right index finger (if you're a lefty, then set it on the left one)
  3. Lift the finger slightly above your nose.
  4. Gently blow a stream of air underneath the feather, and it should slowly drift away into the air!

And that, my fine feather-setting friends, is how to properly set a Feather Aloft! 


Hooray for setting feathers aloft!
...even if Judy made it up first.. I'm still the Queen! so there!

yay soccer!

Enter supporting content here .. well, well, well.. supporting content, eh? What'll ya do if I DON'T enter any supporting content? Can my content be independent? Huh? HUH? WhAT? I cAn'T heaR you!! Oh. um, well, if that's the way you feel about it.. FINE THEN!  :D